Blackstone #3

This apartment was occupied by Deol Adithia and Abishek Shah. In October of 2019 Deol told me that he was going to move out and in November Deol gave up his parking space and left the country for a job in Dubai. At the end of November Abishek Shah moved out of the apartment and returned all of the keys. In January Deol contacted me and asked if a friend could come by and get some stuff that had been left in the apartment and I said yes because I had not cleaned it out. The friend came by and got stuff and then a couple of weeks later Deol called again and said he wanted to send someone over to get stuff and I said yes but no one ever showed up. At the ehnd of January the workers came in and threw out everything in the apartment and started the repairs.

I took these photos before anything was removed by anybody.

The contents of this closet were removed by Deol’s friend.

Contents of hall closet.

Contents of hall closet.

Contents of bedroom #2


Closet of bedroom #1

Contents of bedroom #1


Kitchen. You can’t see them but there are burns on the floor and the counter top.

The cupboards all suffered unusual wear and tear to the doors and even damage inside the cupboards and drawers.

The oven is burned up and there were burned pans inside the oven that were so black I could not see them. Nothing in this kitchen has ever been cleaned.

Yes, that’s a grill up there on top of the cupboards and I suspect that they were using it inside the apartment.


Blackstone #3