BS #611 on 26 September 2019

BS #611 on 26 September 2019

All work is complete except for the bathtub faucet/diverter is missing from the bath tub because they are hard to find, and the miniblinds have not been installed because they have also become difficult to find. Everything is going cord-free but the new cord-free blinds cost over twice as much as the corded blinds and they are still hard to find in the sizes we use.

In this unit the sizes are 33″ X 64″ 8 all together, 5 in the bedrooms and 2 in the dining room and one in the kitchen.

1 38″ X 64″ for the dining room.

2 23″ X 64″ for the balcony doors.

2 29″ X 64″ for the living room windows.


BS #611 on 26 September 2019