Jim’s Blackstone Journal

Friday July 3rd 2020

11:35 AM

Glenn is here cleaning. left at 1:30, worked his ass off!

I found and removed the theil.com email address from the WordPress installation.

Inspected BS 512 Posted photos here.

June 26th 2020

I got out of bed at 5:30 AM. I turned on my security camera monitor and saw that something was on the fllor of the outer main lobby. I went out and discovered that it was a plastic bag containging some softshelled tacos and a milkshake that was melted down to a watery white liquid.

This week I vacuumed. I started on Tuesday and vacuumed the 2nd floor. On Wednesday I vacuumed the 3rd and 4th floors. On Wednesday I vacuumed the 5th and 6th floors, and I finished on Friday morning, vacuuming the 7th and 8th floors. I use my battery powered vacuum cleaner. Not having to deal with a ultra long extension cord saves a lot of time. I have two batteries for my vacuum cleaner and I carry the extra battery with me in my shoulder bag, giving me more than enough power to clean 2 floors and still have enough power to clean the Ground Floor and the Laundry Room.

I replenished the bottle of hand sanitizer that sits on my lobby table.

#611 and #205 both locked themselves out of their apartments before 9 AM.


Tuesday, June 11th 2019

My Tuesday started at 5:30 this morning. I woke up and started a pot of coffee. I walked to the main lobby with Spike and I unlocked the front lobby outer door at 6 AM. I also unlocked the South Alley gate for the Holton brother’s workers who are repairing the west facade.

I cleaned all of the glass in the two lobbies and the Bus Stop Exit.

I vacuumed the ground floor, the 7th floor and the west half of the 8th floor and then the vacuum cleaner stopped working. There is no power in the hallway electrical outlets next to #712 and #812. I took the vacuum cleaner down to the tool room to look at later.

I swept and mopped the floor in the Fitness Center, the passenger elevator floor and the lounge.

I swept up litter on the sidewalks and washed some of the upper outside windows of #2 and #3.

I cleaned the toilet in #3 (Again) because this bathroom is simply filthy, especially the toilet. I have scrubbed the bath tub twice, inside it is finally clean. The two soap dishes are clean. The light fixture cover is clean and it has two new bright white LED light bulbs.

This morning a line of three vehicles blocked the center north-bound lane of North van Buren Street and set up for a Asbestos removal job involving the steam pipe that in under the street, the pipe that supplies the Blackstone with it’s heat. It is 7:30 PM and they are still out there and they are making a lot of noise but it eventually stopped at abput 8PM.

#303 bought $10 in quarters from me and told me that her roommate was moving out and he would not be needing his parking space (#3) after the end of June.

I rode my scooter down to the Fresh Thyme Store.

Erick told me he was finished with his planting for the courtyard, now all we have to do is wait for everything to grow.

Yesterday I was not asked to go to the County Courthouse to be a reserve juror, but today, as instructed in their letter, I called them, and they are scheduling me again, which is not fair at all. Booo.

When the Holton Bros. workers left, I closed and locked the gate.

At dusk I turned on the courtyard pergola lights.

I looked at the broken vacuum cleaner. I took it apart and found some pebbles lodged in the brush. I put it back together and now it seems to be working.

I took out the one that I found and it also started but after a few minutes it slowed down and stopped. Is it garbage?

The Milwaukee Water Works man called and he is coming to look at the repairs to the ladder in the pit and they plan on testing the meter and the bypass valve. I hope it goes well.


Jim’s Blackstone Journal